Genus Americanus

Friday, December 09, 2005

It begins......

Welcome to my blog. I am a Canadian trapped behind enemy lines. Luckily, not too far behind (New England) While I am here I intend to report back on the curious species known as Genus Americanus.
How can a country have such brilliant minds (Einstein, Edison, Knuth, Groening) in it and still maintain absolute cretins (George Wallace, Pat Robertson, Kansas)?
How can it fervently believe in the highest ideals (democracy, human rights, defending the weak against the strong), and still shrug as the government shreds them to pieces (torture, supporting dictators, bombing everyone)?
How can a people value community and caring for every person no matter race, class, or creed and then have Katrina happen?
The answer, is that everyone here is crazy! Completely insane, bouncing off the walls, drooling buckets, nuts!
But hopefully with this blog I can diagnose this illness, and get them to take their meds.
Wish me luck!


At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So true. I have not visited long enough to help ou with your diagnosis, but will fill you in once I get data!


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