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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vulgar vs. polite Racism

You know what is really upsetting about Australia? They are still at the vulgar "send them darkies home" racism instead of the subtle Katrina, France riots, Willie Horton tough-on-crime *wink* *wink* type. Archie Bunker on All In The Family instead of Rush Limbaugh on ESPN.
I'm told the riots in France were an embarassment because France was a model of integration compared to the American model of "pick your own damn self up". Seems to me they were both following the same "I'll call you when I need you" model.
Reading some of the history of immigration to France from the African colonies, you read that immigration was increased back in the day because of the need for labour. But really, when you say a "need", you really mean an opportunity for profit from low wage labour. And anyone familiar with the basic rules of finance knows that imported labour is brought in because it is cheap and easy to control. And certainly the plan is that this profit will go to the owners bringing in the labour, and that low wage labour will live on the bad side of town. Somehow there is a shock when the work part of this arrangement is removed and people start to notice that somehow it has sprung up that there are rich white people living over here with all the money from this work, and then less white less rich people living over there with nothing to show for it but a slum and a bad attitude.... well, to be fair, nobody *really* notices unless a few cars get torched.
This same setup has occurred in an American city no less.... you know, that large city.. with the mass of dark skinned people with no money living in the center and having narcotics issues, with the white people and the money living in the suburbs. Which one is that again?

I have a theory that if you took a random sampling of Genus Americanus, took away all their money and painted them all blue that within a generation it would be well understood that blue people are dangerous and need to be dealt with harshly to get them to accept some personal responsibility (but that it isn't polite to say so). And if that delightful Harpo woman can make it, the rest must just be dogging it. And while the blue man group would be ignored by critics, pale imitations would be hailed for thier grit and creative genius.

I'm told by the lighter hued genus americanus that capitalism is a meritocracy. But when I ask what this implies if whites have all the money, I am told that it just needs a little longer to even out. They are not so bold as to set a date when this will be accomplished.

In other news, the middle east peace process is proceeding as strong as ever.


At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racism will never end. Even if the "less whites" get more power, the same thing would happen, only this time the ride will be a little more fun for the "less whites".
Racism is not right, but will never end!


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